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The training program for the Class Rating “Cessna SET” is approved by Austrian CAA Austro Control according to EASA FCL. and is offered in cooperation with Spins & more GmbH.

One license entry "CessnaSet (Land)" under EASA covers the Cessna Single Engine Turbine. This includes: Cessna Soloy 206, Cessna Soloy 207, Cessna 210 Silver Eagle and Cessna 208 Caravan. For the Cessna Soloy 207, Cessna 210 Silver Eagle familiarization, while with the Cessna 208 caravan a difference training is required.
The training aircraft is a Cessna 206 Soloy D-ETUA.



Expenses SET training:

Cessna SET/VFR hours Price Total amount
Class Room 8 h   375,00 €
VFR C206T, incl. Flightinstructor 6 h (Block) 600,00 € 3.600,00 €
ATO Administration Fees     500,00 €
total net     4.475,00 €
plus VAT      

Exam flight:

Expenses SET exam flight:

Cessna SET/VFR hours Price total amount
Charter C206T per 1 h (Block) 525,00 € 525,00 €
plus VAT      

Please expect with additional costs:


For more information contact:
per Mail: Monika Noll
Phone: 0049 8721-120129.

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